System Benefits

No capital expenditure

Our Pay As You Go pricing means no capital outlay, no significant set up fees, no support contracts, and no paying for upgrades. We have a simple straightforward pricing policy and that is all you pay.

Increase productivity

You can begin to maximize your agent productivity sooner rather than later with our speedy implementation.

Simple to use

All each agent needs is a telephone with a DDI, a PC and internet access. Seeing as most companies already have these facilities on place, there is no additional cost involved and no waiting around for more lines to be installed.

Call recording

Verify transactions and identify training issues using our call recording feature. Calls be searched for, downloaded and emailed to clients/customers if necessary. Keep your company secure from any mis-selling issues.

No on-going management needed

Let Perdial drive your agents performance, allowing your managers to focus on developing your business.

Location Independent

Save time moving between sites – our technology will allow you see how all of your agents are performing, even when they are spread over multiple sites. Our system will enable you to use remote agents and home workers as part of your team.


We understand that dialler users are primarily interested in maximising agent productivity. Unlike most diallers however, Perdial has been written from the outset to be Ofcom compliant with all existing legislation, (including OFCOM, DMA, U.S. FTC and FCC regulations) leaving you free to concentrate on driving business results whilst Perdial ensures legitimate and responsible implementation now and in the future.

Our ACD and IVR

Our ACD and IVR solutions mean that you never need miss a call. Allow your customers to self serve using IVR where possible, or alternatively use it as a way to direct your inbound calls to your most highly skilled agent. When your agents are busy you can queue your calls, and if required play messages to waiting callers. You can even give them the option to receive an outbound call-back when your agents are less busy.

By blending your calls you can move your agents into and out of outbound campaigns as your inbound call volumes fluctuate, which maximises your agent productivity and reduces the need to take on additional members of staff to cope with temporary peaks and troughs.


Whether you are a new company, an existing company setting up a satellite office or you are simply looking to replace your legacy PBX system; our hosted PBX gives you access to a fully featured scalable PBX quickly and cheaply.

Using a hosted PBX means that people who are working from different locations are all connected to the same telephone system.This means that calls can be transferred from one extension to another, even though the users are not in the same place. It also allows free calls between employees/locations, for example between a head office and multiple branches.

Our PBX is a fully featured solution that supports call recording, call waiting, music on hold, voicemail sent via email and a host of other features including IVR.

Using a hosted PBX means that you can receive your calls anywhere with an internet connection, including your mobile phone, and because our PBX supports multiple phones on the same number both your mobile and desk phone can ring when you receive a call, meaning you can still receive landline calls when you are out of the office.


Most diallers were designed to make as many calls as possible as quickly as possible in order to keep agent productivity high. Others were designed to monitor the progress of an agent through the script and guess at when they were likely to become free and make the next call based on that.

Our dialler features preview, progressive and predictive dialling. Depending upon the requirement, these modes of dialling can be easily switched between. Our dialler is part of a fully featured call centre suite which is in use in over 50 countries across the world, designed to cope with compliance rules and making millions of calculations in order to decide the likelihood of ANY agent coming free in the next second, two seconds, etc and dialling the next number on this basis.

All the user does is to specify a maximum target for abandoned calls and leave the rest to the dialler engine. It then achieves, continuously, the maximum 1dialling efficiency for that rate of abandoned calls. No calls left in hold queues, no other bad habits such as hanging up quickly on unanswered numbers, leaving the supervisor to get on with managing the campaign itself and ignore the dialler which manages its own pacing, with no outside interference!

Legislation brought in to combat the rise in silent calls means that it is essential to choose a dialler that was designed from the outset with compliance in mind, as only then will you reap the benefits of dialling in a predictive manner. As a user making a decision to buy a dialler the issue is not whether a dialler is compliant. Every vendor claims compliance, and compliance is not hard to achieve.

The real issue, which cannot be over-emphasised, is the ability to dial efficiently under compliance. Any buyer who cannot be sure to achieve this should keep his money in his pocket, or stick to progressive or preview dialling. Many people do not realise how few abandoned calls they are allowed to make!

Call Recording

Our call recording system will allow you to record all calls in a campaign automatically, or alternatively you can give agents the option to start recording a call at the relevant point in the call.

Call recordings are accessed via our web based reporting suite, where calls can be downloaded to your desktop or just listened to.

Calls can be searched for using criteria including agent name, telephone number dialed, call outcome, and date, and in addition within each campaign you can add upto 6 custom tags to search your calls on, for example contact name or address fields.

Our web based reports are linked to the call recordings, so as you drill down into reports on agent activity and call outcomes, the associated recordings can be easily retrieved.

Data Centre

Our automated dialler platform is held in a telehousing facility, designed for customers seeking secure, scalable space and bandwidth. The telehouse offers us secure, resilient, and fully redundant facilities to house mission-critical equipment off-site. Bandwidth requirements are met by a very large menu of connectivity services, offering a dedicated network that's right for any application.

The facility offers optimum levels of data and network security, with electrical and mechanical systems engineered with multiple levels of redundancy, and 24x7 protection against fire and natural disasters.

This is to ensure that we locate our platform in the most stable environment possible, allowing us to offer you maximum system availability.