About Us

Perdial is dedicated to delivering world-leading call centre software and services. Our aim is to challenge and improve upon existing thinking and standards.

For over a decade Perdial have been providing exceptional multi media message broadcasting and additional telecoms services to Industries Worldwide, demonstrating value, professionalism, knowledge and technical ability to all companies looking to maximise their marketing return on investment.


We help our customers to:

  • maximise potential efficiency
  • get up and running in minimum time, with minimal disruption
  • get superb performance even under the toughest dialling conditions, and working within increasingly strict telemarketing rules.

This is achieved by implementing only the most innovative and practical solutions available, ensuring that the solutions we recommend are easy to install and integrate with other call centre equipment, applications and processes.

Perdial clients cover every industry sector from financial services, publishing, IT and tourism to manufacturers, real estate agents, professional associations, health product suppliers, charities and many more. We help them reach customers more effectively; process documents more efficiently and access information with greater speed.